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From Shane Petroff <>
Subject t:panelTabbed
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 22:03:00 GMT

I'm trying to upgrade an old JSF 1.1 app up to current standards. For 
the time being, I'd like to leave it as jsp based (upgrading pages to 
Facelets as changes come up). I've converted everything obvious, but 
Tomahawk tabs and menus are messed up. I'm currently using 
myfaces-core-2.1.3, tomahawk20-1.1.11, trinidad-2.0.0. Tabs in 
particular are annoying me, because even simple ones don't seem to work. 
They don't render as tabs at all (just discreet buttons) and they don't 
obey the serverSideTabSwitch (it's never client side, regardless of what 
the flag says). Any ideas?

<t:panelTabbedPane serverSideTabSwitch="false">
<t:panelTab label="One">
<h:outputLabel for="_1">
<h:outputText value="One" />
<h:inputText id="_1" value="1" />
<t:panelTab label="Two">
<h:outputLabel for="_2" >
<h:outputText value="Two" />
<h:inputText id="_2" value="2" />
<t:panelTab label="Three">
<h:outputLabel for="_3">
<h:outputText value="Three" />
<h:inputText id="_3" value="3" />


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