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From Salvo Isaja <>
Subject [CODI] ViewAccessScoped when closing tab
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 12:29:12 GMT
I'm pretty new to web development in Java, and I'm still learning the 
platform. In order to use Facelets with Ajax, I've found the CODI's View 
Access Scope very promising.

I have a question, though. Maybe I miss something obvious, sorry if this 
is the case. Each window/tab has its own windowId, and I can figure out 
why it is needed. I've seen the JS script to drop the windowId when the 
user opens a link in a new tab. But what when the user *closes* a tab? 
Do all ViewAccessScoped beans leak indefinitely in the session? I came 
to this because I was thinking to drop the windowId parameter from all 
my h:link's as an alternative "solution" to the "open in new tab" issue.

Any suggestions and/or best practices?

Thank you,
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