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From Christian Beikov <>
Subject OWB Decorator problem
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 18:16:10 GMT
Hello there!

I have a problem with OWB that does not occur on WELD and I wasn't able 
to find a solution for that yet.
I am using OWB 1.0 shipped with IBM WAS and the scenario is like 

class A implements Service{}
class ADecorator implements Service{}
class InterceptorImpl{}

Now I call a method of the Service interface and the call is delegated 
to the decorator as expected. The decorator passes the call to the 
underlying implementation and the impl throws an exception. Now the 
decorator does not see the concrete exception that occurred in the impl 
but an InvocationTargetException and within that, the actual exception.

Am I wrong or should I see the actual exception and not the 
InvocationTargetException? I can't even add an Interceptor to the 
decorator methods to generically unwrap that exception, because 
AroundInvoke interceptors are not called if they are applied on 
decorators. Is that the expected behavior too?

Thanks in advance!


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