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From Hampus Wingren <>
Subject Re: Window ID prototype, MyFaces extension
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 11:15:32 GMT
hi gerhard,

That seems like a small price to pay. Do you have a timeframe for

I saw that´s it not a high prioritized item on the JSF 2.2 issue list,
do we know if it will be included?
I looked at apache owb but it seems to require java 6. Any other good
cdi implementation other than weld? Looking at the issue lists for codi,
it seems like weld is a major contributor to the issues.


I looked at apache owb but it seems to be requiring java 6

On Thu, 18 Aug 2011 13:07:41 +0200, Gerhard Petracek
<> wrote:
> hi hampus,
> it might be available as a part of the myfaces specific api until it gets
> accepted. however, it needs to be discussed on the dev list as soon as we
> have a first prototype.
> as soon as you upgrade to jsf 2.2 you will have to refactor some parts, if
> you are using the api manually.
> fyi: codi isn't bound to jee6. all you need is the cdi implementation of
> your choice (in case of codi v1.0.1+ and owb 1.1.1+ you can even use java
> 1.5)
> regards,
> gerhard
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> 2011/8/18 Hampus Wingren <>
>> Hi,
>> I´ve seen that you´re doing some prototyping for window
>> sessions/ids for the JSF 2.2 spec. Is there any chance that you would
>> make that available as an extension to the MyFaces Core dist for JSF
>> 2.x? I think that it´s a killer feature but we don´t have the luxury to
>> move to JEE 6 for the CODI stuff.
>> Best regards,
>> Hampus

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