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From "Steven Rudolf" <>
Subject Re: CODI ViewAccessScope use-case in use-case approach
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 14:21:36 GMT
Hello Gerhard, thanks for the fast answer! I have an a.view with a commandlink like this: Then
I have the useCaseLinkBean which handles the "routing" between the usecases the method: public
String accessUseCase(final String accessLink, final UseCaseCaller callerBean) { this.callerBean
= callerBean; return accessLink + "?faces-redirect=true"; } Now on the b.view I access the
aBean in two ways. The first is an outputText: And the second is the back-link via a commandButton:
Do I have to access the aBean in some other way to not break the assignement of aView to aBean
instance? The using of a "routing" bean is not so clever as well. Maybe there is a more elegant
way? Greetings from Stuttgart, Steven

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Von: "Gerhard Petracek" <>
Gesendet: Aug 29, 2011 3:20:09 PM
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Betreff: Re: CODI ViewAccessScope use-case in use-case approach

>hi steven,
>first of all: welcome @ myfaces!
>please provide more information on how you touch the bean of your first
>use-case (A).
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>2011/8/29 Steven Rudolf <>
>> Hello,
>> I'm using CODI (v 1.0.1) and I'm loving the ViewAccessScope becaue it is
>> really easy to program my use cases if I know, that the beans will clean up
>> if I don't access them anymore after redirecting to the next view. So mainly
>> all my beans are ViewAccessScope and the transfer of values between screens
>> works with viewParams.
>> Now I have an "use case in use case" approach, where I have to link from
>> one use case (A) to another screen (B) only for searching an entity and then
>> link back to the calling use case (A). I realized it with a simple redirect
>> and I access the A-Bean from the B-view with a ping-method so that the
>> A-Bean will not be destroyed. But if I link back to the A-view then a new
>> A-Bean will be created because the A-view doesn't know the old A-Bean
>> anymore.
>> I think that the assignement of bean to view is destroyed after redirecting
>> to B-view so that the render of A-view will create a new A-Bean. After
>> looking to the CODI sources I think that will be done in
>> org.apache.myfaces.extensions.cdi.jsf.impl.scope.conversation.ViewAccessConversationExpirationEvaluator.
>> How can I program my use-case? Is there a
>> ViewAccess-ExceptOneSpecialLink-Scope poossible? Maybe I can write a
>> PhaseListener where I can plant the old A-Bean to the new rendered A-view?
>> Respectfully,
>> Steven Rudolf
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