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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: An issue with converts and JSF2.0 CompositeComponents
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 18:10:02 GMT
  This looks like
where I have noted my workaround.


On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 1:00 PM, S. Bunge <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I got an issue using the composite components feature of jsf2.0.
> It's quite possible that I'm using the feature the wrong way.
> I created such component to combine a label and an h:inputText. If I use
> it with string objects all works fine but when I start to use instances of
> custom classes and a converter registered in the faces-config.xml must
> handle the object, it fails.
> I use MyFaces 2.0.7 with a tomcat 6.0.32. I removed the label and other
> stuff in my example:
> My custom component (cc-ns: "")
> ...
> <cc:interface>
>  <cc:attribute name="id" required="true" />
>  <cc:attribute name="value" required="true" />
> </cc:interface>
> <cc:implementation>
>  <h:inputText id="inputText" value="#{cc.attrs.value}" />
> </cc:implementation>
> ...
> I named the file 'myCC.xhtml' in /resources/myComponents/ so I can use it
> with ns-declaration:
> 'xmlns:my=""' in my facelets.
> I created also a bean named 'helloWorldBacking' with getMuh/setMuh and it
> returns an Object of Type 'Muh'. A converter is registered in the
> faces-config with 'converter-for-class' to handle the conversation between
> view and model for the type.
> If I use <h:inputText id="abc" value="#{helloWorldBacking.muh}" />
> directly in my facelet it works like a charm. The converter is called and
> get/set is called with the right object in the update model phase. But if I
> switch to the myCC-component I get an exception:
>> Caused by: javax.el.ELException: /resources/myComponents/myCC.xhtml at
>> line 17 and column 62 value="#{cc.attrs.value}":
>> /helloWorld.xhtml at line 17 and column 71
>> value="#{helloWorldBacking.muh}": Cannot convert asdfasd of type class
>> java.lang.String to class elproblem.Muh
>>    at
>> org.apache.myfaces.view.facelets.el.TagValueExpression.setValue(
>>    at
>> org.apache.myfaces.view.facelets.el.LocationValueExpression.setValue(
>>    at javax.faces.component.UIInput.updateModel(
> Maybe the behavior is slightly different with the used EL-library (I tried
> jasper-el of the tomcat and EL2.2 of the glassfish) -- 'sometimes' it works
> with none-null values the right way but if the bean returns 'null' if fails
> every time.
> My investigations came to a stop at following point:
> _SharedRendererUtils#findUIOutputConverter doesn't get the outer value
> binding of the composite component and can't determine the type. So no
> converter is called and he tried to update
> the model with a String.
> If I set the type to the cc:attribute it doesn't work. That would be a bad
> solution anyway because the composite component must be abstract
> (otherwise I could call the right converter by id :-) )
> So my questions: Do I use the composite components feature the right
> way? If not: What is my fault? What are your suggestions?
> Thanks for your help,
> Sven

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