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From Me Self <>
Subject [trinidad 1.2] <tr:table> docs, rowselection, sorting, pagenation, filtering?
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 07:36:09 GMT
I have a few questions about the trinidad table component. Hope
someone can answer at least some of them..

1) I havent found much documentation other than Is there any
ADF documentation that would be usefull or is the trinidad version too
different from the ADF one? In particular Im interested in
documentation on how to use/subclass CollectionModel.

2) Sorting: The MyFaces 1.2 book from packt mentions that sorting is
supported simply by using a List with beans with fields that implement
Comparable and setting <tr:column sorting="true">. This dosent work
for me. Is direct use of CollectionModel required to enable sorting?

3) Im using rowSelection="multiple". This adds a column with the
header title "Select". All other text values in the table are backed
by i18n bundle files. How do I override the default title of the row
selection column with text from a bundle file?

4) Nobody I have talked to get the meaning of the "select all" "select
none" icons above the row selection column. Is there any way to
override the default icons with text links/buttons or other icons?

5) The table seems to operate with two control bars. In the top
control bar I get the pagenation buttons (prev, next, dropdown with
pagenumbers) and in the sub control bar I get the "select all"/"select
none" icons. Is there any way to put them on the same line because it
looks wierd that pagenations buttons are dangling far to the right
with lots of space between them and the table?

6) Im planning to add my own filter buttons to the action facet and
implement a CollectionModel where I can return rows based on the
selected filters. When the user presses a filter button im going to
update the model using ajax. Does that sound like standard way of
doing or are there better options?

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