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From Pieter Martin <>
Subject Re: codi and webservices
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2011 15:24:51 GMT
Thanks, yes I am using OpenWebBeans and happily so. I tried the 
BeanManagerProvider and things are working well.

I reckon I will have the same issue with regards to jms, when I get 
round to putting hornetq or ApacheMq into Jetty?


On 09/07/2011 11:32, Mark Struberg wrote:
> Hi Pieter!
> This is more a CDI container question than a CODI question :)
>  From the stacktrace you posted in an older post I saw that you are using Apache OpenWebBeans,
right? good decision btw :D
> Since I know a little bit about OWB, I'll try to explain ;)
> Basically any Servlet inside your webapp already should have all things correctly setup.
If you are interested in the details then check OWBs WebBeansConfigurationListener. If you
are using CXFNonSpringServlet then the Servlet itself will not be created by CDI, so the servlet
instance itself is not a CDI-managed object (Maybe there is some CXFCdiServlet in the future...)
This basically means that any @Inject inside this class will not get injected.
> In this case you can use CODIs BeanManagerProvider to get access to a CDI managed bean
> I use this trick with an old JAX-RS stack as well.
> hope this helps!
> LieGrue,
> strub
> --- On Sat, 7/9/11, Pieter Martin<>  wrote:
>> From: Pieter Martin<>
>> Subject: RE: codi and webservices
>> To: "MyFaces Discussion"<>
>> Date: Saturday, July 9, 2011, 8:28 AM
>> Hi,
>> Is there any support for having a webservice request
>> happening inside a cdi/codi world. In particular I am using
>> apache cxf in jetty, starting up the CXFNonSpringServlet
>> which does the magic. So I imagine somehow this servlet's
>> requests needs to be wrapped in a codi life cycle similar to
>> how faces works.
>> Is this possible?
>> Thanks
>> Pieter

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