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From Hampus Wingren <>
Subject Re: Comparing CODI pages/navigation to Spring WebFlow
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 14:08:07 GMT
What about subflows? If I´ve got a navigation flow could I then
incorporate another flow (packaged in a jar for example) as a reusable
navigation flow that could participate in the conversation?


On Tue, 5 Jul 2011 15:59:38 +0200, Gerhard Petracek
<> wrote:
> hi hampus,
> you can think about it like implicit navigation (introduced in jsf2) but in
> a type-safe way based on the view-config concept.
> view-configs allow to provide configs e.g. for security, a view
> controller,... in a type-safe, extensible and easy way (you can e.g. inherit
> configs like it's described in the wiki).
> in addition you can (re-)use those view-config classes (which represent the
> pages) for type-safe (implicit) navigation.
> most flow-features of swf are only needed because you have to use xml. you
> won't find xml in codi - so you don't need those features, if you are using
> codi (if you have a more complex flow, you can just write your
> conditions/... in java).
> however, if you see a missing part which you would need, you are welcome to
> describe the use-case.
> regards,
> gerhard
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> 2011/7/5 Hampus Wingren <>
>> Hi again,
>> We´re currently using Spring WebFlow for JSF navigation but I´m a bit
>> concerned about the future of WebFlow and wonder how you would compare it to
>> CODI pages/navigation? I see the CODI stuff to be more of a natural fit for
>> JSF flow/navigation but as I currently lack a complete understanding of its
>> functionality I really can´t argue for my case.
>> Regards,
>> Hampus

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