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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [FYI] testing CODI and Seam3 with glassfish
Date Sun, 22 May 2011 19:15:45 GMT
Hi folks!

Since we got _lots_ of CODI bug reports recently in this area, I spent the afternoon with
testing a few CDI projects with glassfish-3.1. Not only CODI but also Seam3 and a few private
JSR-299 Extensions.

The result:

Please skip glassfish-3.1 !

It's really completely broken. It has lots of errors not only in Weld but also in the Mojarra
integration it ships (from minor glitches to not finding the FacesContext because the lookup
integration seems completely messed up)! 
Most of my tested projects even refused to start at all!

The solution: use glassfish-3.2-SNAPSHOT (*)!
I was at least able to start a few samples successfully. There are still a few fixes needed
(moving around beans.xml info, extracting jars to WEB-INF/classes, EAR scenario completely
fucked up when using Extensions), but for a WAR deployment it's sufficient...

Oh yea, I did a 'bit' more than just a simple hello webworld - but not too much. The projects
were still pretty small.


(*) if you are bound to using glassfish - otherwise just use tomcat+myfaces+openwebbeans+openejb

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