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From Cédric Durmont <>
Subject Question about tr:fileDownloadActionListener
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 15:49:35 GMT

I've been using tr:fileDownloadActionListener for quite some time now,
but I have to rework my code to handle large files (that is,
1000s-page long PDF generated on the fly with jasperreports)
I made jasperreports send the output directly to the outputstream
provided in the listener, but the browser doesn't get the file until
it is completely generated.
When tracing the code I can see that the OutputStream provided is a
BufferedOutputStream, with a 8Kib buffer. The final file I'm
generating right now is 10x larger, so it can't be stuck in the

Any idea on what's happening ? Is there something special to do in a
fileDownloadActionListener to have it sending data progressively to
the browser ?

Cedric Durmont

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