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From Alan <>
Subject The <f:selectItems> tag works differently with trinidad
Date Sun, 24 Oct 2010 16:11:59 GMT
In an attempt to work around my ajax problem I change a form's
<h:selectOneListbox> to a <tr:selectOneListbox>.  Of course this tag
has a child tag to provide it a list of SelectItems as follows:

    var="loc" itemValue="#{}"
     itemLabel="#{}"   />

The EL expression cc.subLocations fetches a List<Location>.  When used
with the tr: form of the parent tag, this results in an cast exception
where (Location) cannot be cast to (SelectItem).   Of course I just
recoded the getter to return List<SelectItem> but is it the intent
that trinidad deviates in functionality from standard Faces like this?

P.S. this didn't fix my ajax problems neither.


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