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From Jochen Zink <>
Subject Problems while resetting the state of tree2
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 11:32:55 GMT

I have a problem with resetting the state of tree2 component.

On my JSP, I have the tree2. I f the user clicks on a node, the node is marked as selected
and highlighted with css. This works fine. Also on the page, there is a commandLink "Reset",
which should resets the tree (default is, that the root node is selected).

In my reset method in the ManagedBean, I'm creating a new treemodel, setting the path to the
selected node, and adding the model to the tree. I have tried both options, recreating model
and tree and only updating the model. Nothing worked as expected. In both cases, the old node
is shown as selected.

I have debugged throw the code and in theBackingBean, everythink is correctly set. I can see
the variables of htmlTree and treeModel and everythink looks like expected. Then I have debugged
the isNodeSelected() Method of the tree, and I can see, that the getDataModel() Method of
UITreeData returns a _cachedModel variable which contains the old model, with the old selected
node. And this model seam to be used for rendering the jsp

How can I reset the selection reset correctly? I found something in further posts on the maillinglist,
but it does not worked for me (

Thanks a lot!
Best Regards
Jochen Zink

the JSP Code:
<t:tree2 value="#{bean.model}" showRootNode="false" var="node" 
     varNodeToggler="t" binding="#{bean.htmlTree}" clientSideToggle="false">
     <f:facet name="orga">
             <t:commandLink immediate="false" styleClass="#{t.nodeSelected
? 'selectedNode':'standardNode'}" actionListener="#{t.setNodeSelected}"
                <t:graphicImage value="images/person.png" border="0" alt="TreeIcon"/>
                <h:outputText value="#{node.description}" />

The ManagedBean Code:
private HtmlTree htmlTree = null;
private TreeModelBase treeModel = null;
private boolean forceTreeUpdate = true;

public String reset() {
    this.forceUpdate = true;
    return "success";

public TreeModel getHirarchieModel() {    
    if ( forceUpdate ) {
        this.forceUpdate = false;
        TreeNode root = ... // Generating the tree;
        this.treeModel = new TreeModelBase(root);
        this.treeModel.getTreeState().setSelected( "0:0" );
        this.htmlTree = new HtmlTree();
        return this.treeModel;
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