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From Simon Kulessa <>
Subject [Trinidad] XSS attack prevention?
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 08:14:18 GMT

I have received word that there is some trouble with my signature,
so I send the mail again, this time without it.

Best regards,
Simon Kulessa.


I have written my own component to display messages inside a jsf page.
The component is based on the tr:messages Element.
My implementation of the renderer uses the following code to write the
message into the page.

//ResponseWriter writer
for(FacesMessage msg : messages) {

   writer.startElement("li", null);

   String summary = msg.getSummary();
   // add something to prevent xss attacks here


The bad thing is that msg.getSummary() can contain JavaScript code -
which will be executed if the page is rendered. I need to add some
kind of prevention against this behaviour.

I assume that Trinidad offers some mechanisms to prevent
these kind of attacks. Can someone give me some hints?

Best regards,
Simon Kulessa.


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