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From Andre Gironda <>
Subject POET Security Exploit Tool vs Apache MyFaces
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 01:07:24 GMT
Researchers release point-and-click website exploitation tool --
Watch POET vs Apache MyFaces --
Research: Padding Oracle Exploit Tool --

Released Monday, Poet exploits a well-known vulnerability in the way
many websites encrypt text stored in cookies, hidden HTML fields and
request parameters. The text is designed to help servers keep track of
purchases, user preferences and other settings while at the same time
ensuring account credentials and other sensitive data can't be
intercepted. By modifying the encrypted information and sending it
back to the server, the attackers can recover the plaintext for small
chunks of the data, allowing them to access passwords and restricted
parts of a webserver.

The fatal flaw making exploitation possible is the failure of
JavaServer Faces to implement AES/DES encryption algorithms correctly.
The scheme provides no way to sign the ciphertext or authenticate the
block cipher mode.

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