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From Scott McMasters <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] validation with non-trinidad tags
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:57:14 GMT
I've discovered that the problem is rendered attributes which are set
by an EL expression to a property of a managed bean.

In my managed bean, I have several boolean properties which determine
whether a form is being edited, or inserted, or used as a search
filter, or just to view details (with values only).  And so, whether
they're required or rendered is determined in EL expressions.  There
must be something I don't understand about the validation process
because these properties are disappearing if there's a validation
error;  that is, their state isn't being maintained.  This happens
even if I have inputHidden's for their values.

Could someone give me some advice?

Thanks in advance,

Scott McMasters

On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 4:44 PM, Scott McMasters
<> wrote:
> Hello, all,
> I'd like to mix Trinidad and Tomahawk tags in the same form.
> Unfortunately, no validation messages are appearing for the Tomahawk
> tags when a command button is clicked.  In fact, if there are no
> Trinidad tags to validate, the page just refreshes losing state
> information (such as rendered attributes determined by managed bean
> properties).  If I set client-validation to DISABLED, the page just
> refreshes losing the same state information.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Also, I'm developing in Firefox 3.6, but when I test in IE8, there are
> loads of problems.
> I'm using Trinidad 1.0.12, Tomahawk 1.1.9, MyFaces 1.1.7 and Facelets
> 1.1.14.  I have to use these older versions because this application
> will deploy on WebSphere 6.1.
> Also, I want to use Tomahawk tags, besides the many problems I've
> encountered with Trinidad in general, because the Tomahawk date picker
> is much better with its popup version.
> Thanks in advance,
> Scott McMasters

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