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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: A few extval questions
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 14:45:50 GMT
Ok I did some initial testing, Ext-Val + MyFaces Ext-Scripting works
but the dynamic reloading only works for constraints,
Validation group reloading does not work yet, due to caching
on Ext-Vals side as it seems.
I will work with Gerhard on this issue to resolve
it in the near future, but if you can live with what is there
either use JSF2s bean validation support or do the occasional restart if 
you need to alter the Validation group settings.


Am 16.04.10 13:38, schrieb Werner Punz:
> Am 16.04.10 13:16, schrieb Gerhard Petracek:
>> hi johan,
>> some additions:
>> as mentioned by rudy: the "required"-attribute is quite special in
>> combination with component initialization. i'll add some information
>> about
>> it in our new wiki. concerning your concrete issues: it would be nice
>> if you
>> can provide a link to a small demo app which illustrates the issue (to
>> ensure that we are talking about the same details).
>>> Where to place the Extval libraries?
>> you could customize it via a custom message resolver.
>> as alternative you could use myfaces-core + ext-scripting - so you don't
>> have to restart tomcat...
> Well I have not tested the combo yet, I wanted to do it this week but
> havenĀ“t found enough time, but feel free to try ext-scripting in that
> combination, but I cannot gurantee that it works, not before next week
> before the final testing round before 1.0, as long as you stay on the
> JSF side it can help you to save a lot of restarts.
> Alternatively you can use jRebel to avoid restarts.
> Here is the info regarding ext-scripting (no official site yet)
> I highly recommend
> to make a checkout and build, the last beta had some serious bugs which
> I fixed in between.
> Have in mind Ext-Scripting currently only works on MyFaces not on
> Mojarra, Mojarra support will be added but is not on the TODO list
> for 1.0, also additional framework support is in the works but will
> not be in 1.0.
> Here is the info regarding jRebel:
> Werner

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