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From Fernando Augusto <>
Subject Re: [TOBAGO] Controls self-adjusted in the page
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 14:25:10 GMT
Hey Udo,

Thanks for your support again. I already have a login form in the app, 
and what happens is:

1 - Login Form (the login page has a rows/columns problem and the form 
doesn't want to be in the center, but I am trying to fix it myself). 
User uses ID/PWD and validates itself;
2 - Main Form (with the alignment problem stated here). Clicking in the 
buttons or menus and making the page refresh a few times makes the 
appearance get better.

@Udo: I am sending you in PVT the URL, with login/pwd for you to see the 

Best Regards,

Fernando Augusto

Udo Schnurpfeil escreveu:
> Hi Fernando,
> a usual solution is to have a start/welcome/waiting page. This page 
> may automatically forwards to your application, after checking the 
> size of the browser (which will be done automatically).
> You can also use a login page for that.
> Is this a solution for you? If not, you may call the Tobago page with 
> a script, and add the browser size as parameter, but this is not the 
> preferred solution.
> I, don't know why you have wrong sizes on your 2nd page. Have you a 
> simple example for that?
> Regards,
> Udo
> Am 23.03.10 04:52, schrieb Fernando Augusto:
>> Hello,
>> While working with my app using TOBAGO 1.0.25-SNAPSOT, I found the
>> following situation: I use GridLayout with * sizes in some rows and
>> columns. When the page is first loaded, the page organization is quite
>> messy, with heights and widths different from the window size. When it
>> first repaints, the controls are ALMOST (by 50px error) aligned
>> correctly. When the screen is repainted in the 2nd time, the controls
>> are correctly placed.
>> How do I fix it, so the controls can be fit the first time the page is
>> loaded???
>> Best Regards,
>> Fernando Augusto

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