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From "Stefan Kohler" <>
Subject t:panelNavigation2
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 10:32:44 GMT

I have a question about the t:panelNavigation element. I have the
following navigation including navigationMenuItem(s) (see for the code - pasted there for formatting

That works fine, everything is displayed as expected, the only thing that
is confusing me is that if I am on one of the pages (e.g.
connectionhistory.xhtml - this includes the navigation item) and I want to
leave that page by clicking a different page (e.g. connections.xhtml)
there is a request going to history.xhtml and then after that request the
action is performed. Now that is in my case a bit 'not so good' as a
request to history.xhtml issues a request to the database to retreive data
that I don't actually need at that moment (as I am leaving the page). Is
there a way to do that in a different way so that no request to the 'old
page' is issued? Is there a mis-configuration in my code maybe?

I also uploaded the faces-navigation.xml in case that helps? (see: I have tried the panelNavigation (w/o 2)
with the same problem. Is that intended?

Thank you for any hints, explanations, links or solutions!

- Stefan

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