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Subject trinidad's treeTable paginating next/previous causes whole page to reload/refresh
Date Tue, 20 Oct 2009 15:42:59 GMT
Hello ,

I have a tr:treeTable in which pagination is enabled via setting 
'rowsByDepth' attribute.

The pagination (next/previous) is working, but it causes whole to page to 
be reloaded (page refresh).

Is is a bug in tr:treeTable or am I missing something in below UI code?

Is this a known thing ? 

BTW, I experimented with tr:table, and its pagination with basically same 
code is OK, does not refresh the whole page. I'm guessing something wrong 
with tr:treeTable.

I was hoping wrapping the tr:treeTable in a subform and putting 
'autoSubmit="true"' would solve it. But does not.

Here is the relevant UI code segment;

   <tr:treeTable        var="bfeVar" 
                  summary="BFEs matching the Search Criteria"
                      emptyText="bla bla">


// The ManagedBean method that above 'rowsByDepth' 
attribute's EL is calling is;
public final int[] rowsByDepth = {2, 2};

-- ilker

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