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From Georg F├╝chsle <>
Subject value in SessionScope ist lost after a redirect on Safari
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 10:40:29 GMT

For starting my application the User asks for a special start-url.
During the render-phase at a request for this start-url in a certain
case I recognize that the user wants a anonymous logon. In this case I
set value of a session bean '' and forward the
user to another URL.

Generally in my application I accept a request, if the sessionscoped
value '' is set. (So I know that the user had logged on

This works very well since some months.

But now when I do so with a safari-browser after the redirect the
session scoped value is lost and the application will deny
an access.
A customer told me he has the same effect with Internet Explorer
Version 8, but I can only reproduce this problem with safari.

There is another logon mechanism to this application that works
without redirect. In this way the session scoped values are not lost
and the application can be used.

So the problem is:

The value of a sessionscoped Bean is lost after redirecting the reqest
(only) when using a Safari browser.
For redirecting I call:

Can anybody give me a hint?

Thanks Georg

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