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From Matt Cooper <>
Subject Re: tr:inputFile with panelGroupLayout
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 16:57:49 GMT
The behavior described sounds like there might be some invalid HTML on the
page.  If you have any other component libraries or any custom HTML in this
page, I would recommend trying to remove them temporarily to isolate the
problem.  If certain pieces of the page are not showing up but their content
is present in the raw page source, this is typically caused by mismatching
start/end elements.


On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 2:46 PM, Anuj Patel <> wrote:

> It looks like the panelGroupLayout is the culprit here.  Because, even
> after I provided an id for the panelGroupLayout, the span remained
> unaltered.  i.e.  *<**span** id**=**"uploadPhoto:inputFileImg::msg" **
> class**=**"OraInlineErrorText"**></**span**>** * *
> *
> *Could someone confirm if this is a bug and if so can we create a JIRA
> issue for the same?*
> *-Anuj
> *
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 6:21 PM, Anuj Patel <>wrote:
>> The span *<**span** id**=**"uploadPhoto:inputFileImg::msg" **class**=**
>> "OraInlineErrorText"**></**span**>** *
>> already indicates who the message is for.  Besides, if this would have
>> been a problem, then my code wouldn't have worked in the scenario where I do
>> not have anything in the panelGroupLayout.
>> One of my other apps, also have similar functionality built with which I
>> am able to see the message when I try to upload file greater than allowable
>> size
>> Thanks,
>> Anuj
>> On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 5:33 PM, Mamallan Uthaman <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi Anuj,
>>> Could you please try using <tr:messages> to display any error message in
>>> the FacesContext? If you refer to Trinidad issue (Trinidad-607) that
>>> resolved this problem, the last comment states that the error message is
>>> stored in the FacesContext.
>>> Thanks
>>> Mamallan
>>> Anuj Patel wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> I am using Trinidad-api and trinidad-impl version 1.2.10.  When using
>>>> tr:inputFile with in tr:panelGroupLayout, if the file size is too large then
>>>> the message that should be displayed for informing the user is not getting
>>>> displayed.  Following is the generated source;
>>>>   <br><br><span id="uploadPhoto:j_id141"
>>>> class="af_panelGroupLayout"><script type="text/javascript">var
>>>> _locale='en';var _tLocale='en';</script><script type="text/javascript"
>>>> src="/adf/jsLibs/resources/LocaleElements_en1_2_10.js?loc=en"></script><table
>>>> id="uploadPhoto:inputFileImg__xc_" class="af_inputFile" cellpadding="0"
>>>> cellspacing="0" border="0" summary=""><tr><td class="af_inputFile_label"
>>>> nowrap><span id="uploadPhoto:inputFileImg::icon" style="display:none;"><a
>>>> name="_msgAnc_uploadPhoto:inputFileImg" title="Error"
>>>> class="AFErrorIconStyle">X</a></span></td><td valign="top"
>>>> class="AFContentCell"><input id="uploadPhoto:inputFileImg"
>>>> name="uploadPhoto:inputFileImg" onchange="checkImageExtension(this);"
>>>> class="af_inputFile_content" type="file"></td></tr><tr><td></td><td
>>>> class="AFComponentMessageCell"><span id="uploadPhoto:inputFileImg::msg"
>>>> class="OraInlineErrorText"></span></td></tr></table>
>>>> As one may see in the above generated text, the span that should display
>>>> the message is turning out to have no value in it.  Also, the icon "X" does
>>>> not show up on the screen for some reason.
>>>>  Following is my code snippet that is generating the above mentioned
>>>> view source when trying to upload a file bigger than allowable size;
>>>>  /<tr:panelGroupLayout partialTriggers="uploadImgBtn deleteBtn">
>>>>                                                    <tr:inputFile
>>>> id="inputFileImg" onchange="validateFile(this);"
>>>> partialTriggers="uploadImgBtn deleteBtn" value="#{backingBean.imageFile}"
>>>> rendered="#{backingBean.imageFile==null}"/>
>>>> /                                                    Is this a bug or am
>>>> I missing something?  FYI, I get the same behaviour even with version 1.2.9.
>>>>  Although, in version 1.2.9 there is an exception reported in the server
>>>> where as in 1.2.10 the exception does not get logged in server log.
>>>> -Anuj

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