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From Kito Mann <>
Subject Re: Performance issues with JSF
Date Sat, 18 Jul 2009 19:47:09 GMT
Hello Sashi,

Ok, but which version? I'm asking because I had a client that switched from
WAS 7.0 on AS/400 to 7.0 on Linux and saw some major performance
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On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 12:14 AM, Shasi Mitra Yarram

> Thanks Kito Mann for the reply. I am using IBM's websphere server and unix
> OS.
> --- On *Fri, 17/7/09, Kito Mann <>* wrote:
> From: Kito Mann <>
> Subject: Re: Performance issues with JSF
> To: "MyFaces Discussion" <>,
> Date: Friday, 17 July, 2009, 4:27 PM
> Hello Shashi,
> A couple more recommendations:
> * Follow Dan Allen's suggestions in these articles:
> Often, as
> someone else suggested, the problem is placing time-consuming code inside of
> getter methods that are referenced via the EL.
> * Time different parts of the life cycle -- this will verify whether or not
> the problem is really in the Restore View phase. You can do this by writing
> a simple PhaseListener or using something like PrimeFaces' FacesTrace (
> Which application server and OS are you using?
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> On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 5:56 AM, Shasi Mitra Yarram <<>
> > wrote:
>>   Hi All - We have built a J2EE application with JSF (MyFaces, Ajax4JSF)
>> ,Spring and IBatis. What we find is, each of the screen takes lot of time to
>> load. We find no performance issue with Spring or Ibatis (after verifying
>> via JProfiler). Jprofiler shows the JVM memory is occupied b JSF objects. I
>> found that the screen loading is taking time for two reasons.
>> 1.The JSF screens (which has cook menu) take time to load.
>> 2.The overall screen painting in the browser takes time to load.
>> Our JSF screens are not too complicated and even the simplest screen takes
>> time to load. Note that each of the screens always loads JSCookMenu. We
>> visited apache site for tuning JSF. As per their suggestion we did the
>> following
>> 1. We set the State saving mechanism as server side.
>> 2. Serialization of session objects was set to false.
>> 3. Compression of objects was set to false.
>> 4. Streaming Add Resource and t:documentHead were added.
>> But none of these improved the performance.
>> The overall screen takes time and I'm wondering if we should do effective
>> caching of images,CSS and js files. I visited plenty of websites and tried
>> to move all these client specific files under the <head> tag, loaded the
>> images via CSS but nothing helps. We have high capacity machines and I dont
>> think desktop config is playing a role.
>> We thought the problem could be bcos of network traffic or slow
>> performance of underlying platform websphere server. We checked other
>> application running in the same envrironment and they are extremely fast.
>> The only difference b/n our application and the other is JSF.
>> I'm short of solutions. Any valuable input will be greatly appreciated.
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