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From Yee-wah Lee <>
Subject [Trinidad] DateTimeConverter and SimpleDateFormat changes in JDK 6 lead to issue with daylight savings
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2009 23:15:04 GMT
Hi everyone,

The Trinidad DateTimeConverter has a problem when using JDK 6, because 
of changes in SimpleDateFormat. I have written a test case to replicate 
the converter's behavior.

Test case:
      DateFormat df = DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance (DateFormat.SHORT, 
      Date d = new Date();
      // getFormattingTimeZone copied from 
trinidad-impl\, it clones the converter's timezone 
and gives it a
     //  customID (GMT +/- offset)./ This affects the display name, e.g. 
instead of 'PST' it will display 'GMT-08:00'
      TimeZone tz = getFormattingTimeZone (df.getTimeZone());
      df.setTimeZone (tz);
      System.out.println ("The date is " + d + ", DateFormat.format() 
returns " + df.format (d));

On JDK 1.5 this prints:
The date is Wed Jul 08 10:55:25 PDT 2009, DateFormat.format() returns 
7/8/09 10:55:25 AM GMT-07:00

On JDK 6:
The date is Wed Jul 08 10:56:39 PDT 2009, DateFormat.format() returns 
7/8/09 10:56:39 AM GMT-08:00

Notice that the offset in the second case is 8h. This is incorrect, the 
date (Jul 8 09)  is in Pacific Daylight time (GMT-7), and if posted 
back, it would change the underlying data by +1h.

I can understand why getFormattingTimeZone was originally used: timezone 
is thus always displayed in GMT +/- x, which helps when calculating 
offsets on the client side.  I would like to discuss the possible fixes 
for the JDK 6 case (details to follow in second email), any input is 

I've filed a JIRA tracking this:


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