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From Belem <>
Subject Re: exception with extval - JSF1054 RENDER_RESPONSE 6
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:04:00 GMT

Hi Gerhard,

before I applied your provided code, I debugged and set a breakpoint at the
root of my exception and I found:
The exception has it's origin one line above.
 ValueBindingExpression valueBindingExpression =
getValueBindingExpression(uiComponent, false);

getValueBindingExpression(uiComponent, false) returns null

here are two variables:
valueBindingExpression	null

facesContext	FacesContextImpl  (id=196)	
	application	ApplicationImpl  (id=216)	
	componentMessageLists	null	
	elContext	ELContextImpl  (id=219)	
	externalContext	ExternalContextImpl  (id=222)	
	lastRk	ExtValRenderKit  (id=225)	
	lastRkId	"HTML_BASIC" (id=228)	
	released	false	
	renderResponse	true	
	responseComplete	false	
	responseStream	null	
	responseWriter	HtmlResponseWriter  (id=229)	
	rkFactory	ExtValRenderKitFactory  (id=236)	
	viewRoot	UIViewRoot  (id=182)	
		afterPhase	null	
		attributes	UIComponentBase$AttributesMap  (id=239)	
		attributesThatAreSet	ArrayList<E>  (id=240)	
		beforeMethodException	false	
		beforePhase	null	
		bindings	null	
		children	UIComponentBase$ChildrenList  (id=241)	
		clientId	null	
		events	null	
		facets	null	
		id	"j_id_jsp_333505498_0" (id=243)	
		isUIComponentBase	true	
		isUIComponentBaseIsSet	false	
		lastId	20	
		listeners	null	
		locale	Locale  (id=244)	
		parent	null	
		pdMap	HashMap<K,V>  (id=246)	
		phaseListenerIterator	null	
		phaseListeners	null	
		rendered	true	
		renderedSet	false	
		rendererType	null	
		renderKitId	"HTML_BASIC" (id=228)	
		skipPhase	false	
		transientFlag	false	
		values	null	
		values	null	
		viewId	"/myapp/templates/Layout.jsp" (id=247)	

Then I applied your code into the StartupListener and the application opens
the requested resource (jsp/jsf file) but further actions on this resource
(like a login button) result in another exception. BTW, I have another
resource, a contact page, that also displays only if a cleaned tomcat is
started twice. This contact site doesn't display any uicomponents in
contrast to the jsp-resource I mentioned before (the one with login button,
let's call it login-page) with the applied code in the StartupListener.

This other exception (by pressing the login button on login-page) starts
/myapp/templates/Layout.jsp) Exception thrown during phase execution:
10.07.2009 12:44:59 org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationDispatcher invoke

Do you want the stack trace of this one too?

If there are variable' values I could attach of the original or the actual
exception cause, please tell me.


Gerhard Petracek wrote:
> hi belem,
> that might be the problem. extval initializes input components with
> metadata
> of the bound property before the component is rendered
> (to provide different features). so extval has to inspect the property of
> every input component. it seems that this isn't compatible with your
> custom
> mechanism.
> you can test it with a custom impl. - use the following code in your
> startup-listener.
>     protected void init()
>     {
>         //workaround to allow forced double-rendering used in icefaces
> ExtValContext.getContext().addGlobalProperty(ExtValRendererProxy.KEY,
> null);
>         //deregister the default implementation
> ExtValContext.getContext().denyRendererInterceptor(ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport.class);
>         //register a custom implementation without component
> initialization
>         ExtValContext.getContext().registerRendererInterceptor(new
> ValidationInterceptorWithSkipValidationSupport() {
>             @Override
>             public void beforeEncodeBegin(FacesContext facesContext,
> UIComponent uiComponent, Renderer wrapped)
>                 throws IOException, SkipBeforeInterceptorsException,
> SkipRendererDelegationException
>             {
>                 //do nothing
>             }
>         });
>     }
> regards,
> gerhard

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