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From Gerhard Petracek <>
Subject Re: exception with extval - JSF1054 RENDER_RESPONSE 6
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 19:25:18 GMT
hi belem,

you are welcome!
thx for sharing the result with the community!
(even though it's a special constellation in your project - but as you
mentioned - maybe someone else has a similar issue.)

we started component support modules at sandbox890 [1]. due to the special
icefaces add-on for extval, developers don't have to care about technical
details (behind the scenes it does the same as you have to do manually
without it). icefaces is quite special in some cases. if you see any issue
with this combination, you can report it also at sandbox890. we have to
analyze/solve such issues there. at sandbox890 committers of different
projects work together to increase the compatibility (if needed) and/or
introduce advanced features requested by users of extval and the special
component lib (in this case advanced features are features specific to a
special component lib - similar to the trinidad support module).



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2009/7/22 Belem <>

> Hi Gerhard,
> it took longer than expected to resolve the problem with following
> exception:
> org.apache.jasper.el.JspPropertyNotFoundException:
> /myapp/templates/Login.jsp(20,56) '#{userBean.loginUserName}' Target
> Unreachable, identifier 'userBean' resolved to null
> > it doesn't look like an extval issue. extval is just the first point
> where
> > you see the issue.
> However, you're right, it's no extval issue! Sorry for that!
> I realised that web.xml loads faces-config.xml and faces configuration in
> the following manner differently:
> <context-param>
>  <param-name>javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES
>  </param-name>
>  <param-value>
>             /WEB-INF/faces-beans.xml,/WEB-INF/faces-navigation.xml,
>             /WEB-INF/faces-validators.xml,
>             /${app.path}/config/faces-config.xml
>  </param-value>
> </context-param>
> With /${app.path}/config/faces-config.xml I load another faces-config.xml
> (containing my definitions for the managed-beans). But that file is
> generated/copied by one of my classes. So the problem is, web.xml reads all
> faces configurations, however, the file copied by source code isn't there
> at
> runtime. The class that does the copying is kicked off as a filter in
> web.xml itself, so I assume - even if I reorder my web.xml - it's no
> difference because web.xml just kicks off filters and doesn't wait for a
> generation of such a faces-config.xml file... Therefore I used an
> environment variable to point to the path of the additional faces
> configuration containing my managed-beans.
> So now i understand why I had to restart tomcat: after a restart, the file
> could be found at the time web.xml searches there for!
> Perhaps this thread could be useful for others having problems with
> managed-beans or faces configuration in combination with exceptions of this
> kind:
> JSF1054: (Phase ID: RENDER_RESPONSE 6, View ID:
> /myapp/templates/Layout.jsp)
> Exception thrown during phase execution:
> javax.faces.event.PhaseEvent[source=com.sun.faces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl@bf1a4a
> ]
> javax.servlet.ServletException: error at binding: #{userBean.loginUserName}
> -- an el-resolver error occurred! maybe you used an invalid binding.
> otherwise: please report the issue, deactivate the el-resovler of extval
> via
> web.xml context-param:
> org.apache.myfaces.extensions.validator.DEACTIVATE_EL_RESOLVER and test
> again.
> org.apache.jasper.el.JspPropertyNotFoundException:
> /myapp/templates/Login.jsp(20,56) '#{userBean.loginUserName}' Target
> Unreachable, identifier 'userBean' resolved to null
> So, Gerhard, thank you very much for your support and all your hints
> pointing me into the right direction!! :D
> This thread can be marked as solved and I have to mention again that extval
> was not was not the cause of the exception!
> Belem
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