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From Dave <>
Subject [trinidad] does not support browser back button
Date Sun, 21 Jun 2009 02:29:02 GMT
When we use jsf ri and tomahawk, our jsf app works well for browser back button. But after
we use Trinidad, browser back button does not work. Consider the following senario:
1. show a table of employees (backing bean data is a list of employees)
2. click an employee A and show the employee,(backing bean data is now changed to the employee)
3. click browser back button
4. click an employee B.  Employee B will not be shown because the backing data has been
changed to employee A in stop 2.
I looked the generated HTML viewState values in the steps above. They are  the same. That
means that only the same view(stored view tree in server side) is used. For jsf/tomahawk,
I believe different view  trees are used for the senario above and thus back button works.
Is there a config parameter for trinidad to support back button?
Back button is often used by users, it is nice if we can do that with Trinidad.

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