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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: TOMAHAWK< t:inputCalendar java script problem popup
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2009 09:30:36 GMT
Klaus SCHUSTER schrieb:
> Hi,
> I am using a t:inputCalendar tag from Tomahawk 1.1.8:
> [code]
> <t:inputCalendar id="mycal"
>  addResources="false"  
>  monthYearRowClass="yearMonthHeader"
>  weekRowClass="weekHeader"  
>  popupButtonStyleClass="standard_bold"
>  currentDayCellClass="currentDayCell"
>  value="#{BB.geburtsdatum}"
>  renderAsPopup="true"
>  popupTodayString="Heute ist der: "  
>  helpText="MM/DD/YYYY">
> </t:inputCalendar>
> <h:outputText value="#{BB.geburtsdatum}" />
> [/code]
> geburtsdatum is a DATE in my BB with its getter and setter.
> The t:inputCalendar is embedded in an form.
> When I open the JSF Page with Internet Explorer 6 I get the following
> JavaScript error:
> [code]
> org_apache_myfaces_PopupCalendar() is undefined
> [/code]

Does this happen with browsers more modern than IE6? That is pretty old...

The other likely issue is to do with the ExtensionsFilter. Somewhere in
the generated HTML page there should be something that looks roughly like


This is what loads the javascript that the calendar component needs. But
these urls require you to set up the tomahawk ExtensionsFilter, as
described by this page:

If you use firefox, then the "live http headers" extension will tell you
whether the url loads correctly or not.

Regards, Simon

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