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From Andrew Robinson <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Skinning: inherit from minimal?
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 17:11:02 GMT
You may have to touch components, but you will not have to re-skin
everything, so extending is very helpful. As I mentioned, I don't think the
minimal skin is well tested enough to be a 100% "style-free" skin, it
probably has some style in it. You don't have to start from scratch, but you
will probably have to modify certain components to your needs. Just defining
aliases won't be enough.

On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 11:12 AM, Bart Kummel <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks, Andrew. Good to know that all skins are free to use. I don't get
> what you mean by saying "You can extend the minimal skin just fine, but
> [...] you will also probably have to skin each component". In what way do I
> extend a skin if I still have to skin all components? Whats the point of
> extending a skin if I have to start from scratch anyway? I still don't get
> it. I think there are two possibilities:
> a) I am missing something.
> b) the "extend" functionality is not (yet) fully implemented, although it
> is documented as if it is.
> In either case, can someone give me a clear answer? I don't care what the
> answer is, but I need clarity, that's all. Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Bart Kummel
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 18:13, Andrew Robinson <
>> wrote:
>> All the skins in MyFaces are Apache licensed, so suede vs minimal should
>> have no license implications. The suede was donated by Oracle, so we do not
>> "own" it anymore. You can extend the minimal skin just fine, but there is
>> more to do than just setting the aliases, you will also probably have to
>> skin each component.
>> -Andrew
>> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 1:32 AM, Bart Kummel <> wrote:
>>> Hi Andrew,
>>> I already figured that building my own skin would be an awful lot of
>>> work. That's why I was looking into taking another skin and overriding it
>>> with help of the <extends> feature. But it seems that if I extend a skin
>>> that way, I loose a lot of features from the skin I extend, as I tried to
>>> explain in my earlier post. The documentation suggests that I could simple
>>> change some aliases in order to change the colors, for example.
>>> But am I right that you are saying that this isn't the case? Are you
>>> saying the only way to do this is actually change and existing skin instead
>>> of extending it? Talking about that: is it allowed (license-wise) to use the
>>> "suede" skin as basis instead of the "minimal" skin?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Bart Kummel
>>> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 02:41, Andrew Robinson <
>>>> wrote:
>>>> It really is not easy. The best thing may be to start with a good skin &
>>>> delete / change selectors, or start cutting & pasting. The minimal still
>>>> some CSS in it and it isn't 100% maintained so there may be things in there
>>>> that do not need to be and there may be things that should be there that
>>>> not. Either way, building your own skin will be a lot of work.
>>>> On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 7:43 AM, Bart Kummel <> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I have a question about Trinidad Skinning. I want to create my own
>>>>> skin. I'm fairly satisfied with the standard, "minimal" skin. However,
>>>>> green accent colors don't match the company style, so I want to change
>>>>> colors. So I thought I could simple create a "myCompany.css" file with
>>>>> the following contents:
>>>>>> .AFDarkBackground:alias {background-color: #00173A;}
>>>>>> .AFVeryDarkBackground:alias {background-color: #000102;}
>>>>>> .AFMediumBackground:alias {background-color: #0373B1;}
>>>>>> .AFLightBackground:alias {background-color: #3295CA;}
>>>>>> .AFTextBackground:alias {background-color: white;}
>>>>>> .AFDarkForeground:alias {color: #000102;}
>>>>>> .AFDarkAccentForeground:alias {color: #002C76  ;}
>>>>>> .AFTextForeground:alias {color: #000102;}
>>>>>> .AFSelectedTextForeground:alias {color: yellow;}
>>>>>> .AFErrorTextForeground:alias {color: red;}
>>>>> I thought by "inheriting" from minimal , I would get all other
>>>>> formatting from the minimal skin. Therefore, I created the following
>>>>> definition in trinidad-skins.xml:
>>>>>>   <skin>
>>>>>>     <id>myCompany.desktop</id>
>>>>>>     <family>myCompany</family>
>>>>>>     <render-kit-id>
>>>>>> org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.desktop</render-kit-id>
>>>>>> <style-sheet-name>skins/myCompany/myCompany-skin.css</style-sheet-name>
>>>>>>     <extends>minimal</extends>
>>>>>>   </skin>
>>>>> However, I seem to loose a lot of formatting. For example, in the
>>>>> minimal skin, the <tr:panelBox> component has a thin line around
>>>>> box and some padding inside that line. If I apply my own skin, the color
>>>>> the "title bar" of the <tr:panelBox> is now indeed in the blue
color I
>>>>> set in the CSS, but there is no line and no padding around the box.
>>>>> I thought that I would simply inherit all formatting except the things
>>>>> I override, but it seems that I'm only inherriting some formatting. Am
>>>>> missing something? Is something wrong? Or is it meant to be this way?
Wo can
>>>>> clear this up for me? Thanks in advance!
>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>> Bart Kummel

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