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From Bart Kummel <>
Subject [Trinidad] Skinning: inherit from minimal?
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2009 13:43:49 GMT

I have a question about Trinidad Skinning. I want to create my own skin. I'm
fairly satisfied with the standard, "minimal" skin. However, the green
accent colors don't match the company style, so I want to change the colors.
So I thought I could simple create a "myCompany.css" file with the following

> .AFDarkBackground:alias {background-color: #00173A;}
> .AFVeryDarkBackground:alias {background-color: #000102;}
> .AFMediumBackground:alias {background-color: #0373B1;}
> .AFLightBackground:alias {background-color: #3295CA;}
> .AFTextBackground:alias {background-color: white;}
> .AFDarkForeground:alias {color: #000102;}
> .AFDarkAccentForeground:alias {color: #002C76  ;}
> .AFTextForeground:alias {color: #000102;}
> .AFSelectedTextForeground:alias {color: yellow;}
> .AFErrorTextForeground:alias {color: red;}
I thought by "inheriting" from minimal , I would get all other formatting
from the minimal skin. Therefore, I created the following skin definition in

>   <skin>
>     <id>myCompany.desktop</id>
>     <family>myCompany</family>
>     <render-kit-id> org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.desktop</render-kit-id>
>     <style-sheet-name>skins/myCompany/myCompany-skin.css</style-sheet-name>
>     <extends>minimal</extends>
>   </skin>
However, I seem to loose a lot of formatting. For example, in the minimal
skin, the <tr:panelBox> component has a thin line around the box and some
padding inside that line. If I apply my own skin, the color of the "title
bar" of the <tr:panelBox> is now indeed in the blue color I set in the CSS,
but there is no line and no padding around the box.

I thought that I would simply inherit all formatting except the things I
override, but it seems that I'm only inherriting some formatting. Am I
missing something? Is something wrong? Or is it meant to be this way? Wo can
clear this up for me? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Bart Kummel

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