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From Bojan Antonović <>
Subject Apache Tomahawk: invalid HTML when using tabs
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2009 10:23:55 GMT
When I use t:panelTabbedPane and t:panelTab, the following invalid HTML 
code is inserted:


panelTabbedPane_5Fuid91_3Auid163_5FHeadersIDs= new Array("uid91:uid164_headerCell","uid91:uid166_headerCell","uid91:uid168_headerCell","uid91:uid170_headerCell","uid91:uid172_headerCell","uid91:uid174_headerCell");
panelTabbedPane_5Fuid91_3Auid163_5FIDs= new Array("uid91:uid164.content","uid91:uid166.content","uid91:uid168.content","uid91:uid170.content","uid91:uid172.content","uid91:uid174.content");


As we use HTML validators as additional runtime tests to discover some 
strange bugs (like empty lists), this invalid code distracts our 
attention. You get used to it, and so some real problems may be hidden. 
Please fix it.

Else: Great work!


    Bojan Antonovic

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