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From "Dipl. -Ing. Winterstein Bernd" <>
Subject [orchestra] Navigation with new conversation context
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2009 06:04:32 GMT
I try to open a new conversation context in a new browser window  when  
navigating to another page.
The backing bean of the new page is in flash scope. The old one is  
manual scope.
But when I use the <o:separateConversationContext> tag around the form  
the new page opens the current page again.

Any ideas?


			<rich:dataTable id="resultsTable"  
value="#{doctorAnalysisController.results}" var="info" rows="20">

				<f:facet name="caption">
					<h:outputText value="Suchergebnisse" />

				<rich:column sortBy="#{}">
					<f:facet name="header">
						<h:outputText value="Nr." />

					<a4j:htmlCommandLink value="#{}"
					  action="doctorDetails" <!-- navigation to detail view -->
				          actionListener="#{contactHistory.addContactId}" <!--  
this is a session scope utility bean -->
					  target="_blank" >
					  <f:attribute name="contactId" value="#{}" />

			<rich:datascroller align="left" id="resultsTableScroller"  
for="resultsTable" />


Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Winterstein
Softwarearchitektur & Entwicklung
Friedenstr. 8
40724 Hilden
Tel 02103 910800
Mobil 0171 6877230

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