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From Kito Mann <>
Subject [ORCHESTRA] Running on RAD 7 with WAS 6.1
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 03:38:36 GMT
So, I managed to get Orchestra 1.3 to run on RAD 7.0 with WAS 6.1. I had to
make an interesting change -- I had to manually add the
OrchestraFacesContext to the JSF config file:




even though it's already in the faces-config.xml file included in the
Orchestra JAR file. Strangely, RequestParameterFacesContextFactory was
loading just fine, but OrchestraFacesContextFactory wasn't loading at all.
I'm guessing this might be a weird quirk of the IBM JSF implementation
(which is technically a heavily modified version of the 1.0 version of the

Now that I've gotten it to run, let's see what happens when we try to really
use its features...

Kito D. Mann -- Author, JavaServer Faces in Action - JSF/Java EE consulting, training, and mentoring - JavaServer Faces FAQ, news, and info
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