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From "Denis Krukovsky" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Timezones - date picker popup shows a day before
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 17:22:25 GMT
Hi, we tested with server running on current date (winter) with
timezone I provided earlier, and the user also has worked with days
from winter. So it can be like: server has 7 AM Jan 14, a client has
13:00 Jan 14.

And in a browser we have say Jan 14 in a date input field, and date
picker popup shows Jan 13 selected.

The JIRA issue provided seems to be about wrong day RETURNED from the
datepicker popup which we have not observed so far.

Thanks for your advice on this.

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 6:09 PM, Yee-wah Lee <> wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> Can you give further detail on your example? What date is the server running
> in, and what date does the user pick on the client?
> A possibly related JIRA:
> Thanks,
> Yee-Wah
> Denis Krukovsky wrote:
>> Hi, we're having problems with Trinidad date picker popup. Our server
>> has timezone set as US Eastern time GMT-5. The server is queried from
>> a workstation with timezone set to Central European time GMT+1. Date
>> field is OK, but when its date picker pops up, the date selected there
>> is input date field value - 1 day.
>> This behavior gets fixed when we edit trinidad-config.xml and include
>> <time-zone>Etc/GMT-5</time-zone> (server timezone) there.
>> Unfortunately trinidad-config modification is not an option because
>> servers and timezones will change. I tried to supply inputDate
>> component with custom converter which returns server timezone from
>> getTimeZone() and getFormattingTimeZone(...) which doesn't help.
>> I also noted that in both cases - (1) no modification to
>> trinidad-config and the bug is there, and (2) trinidad-config modified
>> and bug gets fixed - the Trinidad date picker popup is being requested
>> with equal request string containing something like
>> /app/__ADFv__.jsf?_afPfm=-79d68df7&_t=cd&value=1231891200000&loc=en-US&enc=UTF-8",
>> i. e. the value parameter is same for both cases but datepicker gets
>> rendered differently.
>> This behavior is there with Trinidad 1.0.7 and 1.0.10 .
>> So is it a bug and does somebody knows a way to get it fixed? Thanks!
>> Denis.

Denis Krukovsky

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