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From Martyn Hiemstra <>
Subject Re: execute multiple buttons in jsf one after the other
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2009 09:50:40 GMT
I would like to help but I don't understand your situation correctly. 
Could you please make more clear what you mean. Do you want the user to 
return to the same page after clicking on a button/command link or 
should the user be redirected according to the button/command link 
pressed? If a user clicks on a button/command link do you want to 
execute the 3 actions and then redirect back to the same page?

You can't execute an action, update the page and then execute other 
actions. Only 1 action is executed and only 1 action. You can't assign 
multiple actions to 1 button. The reason is pretty obvious. You can 
create an action that calls the 3 actions in the form backing bean. 
That's the only solution.


> but how to send the response to the jsf page (showing response imedately one
> after the other ) without coming back completely from the server.

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