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From Shasi Mitra Yarram <>
Subject RE: Using Ajax with MyFaces
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 12:37:32 GMT

i actually have a page which has three tables in it. I get data to table 1 from db which is
very fast. Table 2 and table 3 should be populated from webservice calls. As the webservice
calls are very slow it is taking a long time for the page to get loaded.So somebody suggested
to load the page with table1 first and then using ajax populate the other two tables after
the page loads without any user action..Hope u understood my reqmt..any help please? does
myfaces give any component or can i use ajax with myfaces without any prob..this is my config
(myfaces 1.1.6, tomahawk-1.1.8, tiles with jdk 1.4)

--- On Thu, 15/1/09, Madhav Bhargava <> wrote:

From: Madhav Bhargava <>
Subject: RE: Using Ajax with MyFaces
To: "MyFaces Discussion" <>, "" <>
Date: Thursday, 15 January, 2009, 6:03 AM

Shashi wrote:

>Hi all,>  >I'm using myfaces 1.1.6, tomahawk-1.1.8, tiles with jdk 1.4.>I've
a page which has three data tables. I want the data in the two tables to be populated after
the page loads.Can i do it using AJAX. I am new to >AJAX. Or is there any component in
Sandbox for this requirement.>Already i'm facing lot of problems cos i'm trying to use
trinidad for breadcrumb which i could not resolve yet. If i include rich faces now, I'm scared
>I'll have incompatibility issues. My aim is to populate one table(which is a web service
call) automatically after the page loads. That too without any >client interaction. Please
help as we have very less time for development. 
Your requirement is not clear. You can always pre-populate a backing bean which is associated
to the page and then transfer control to that page.
Alternatively you can call a javascript on page load and then issue an AJAX submit. Put the
data table in a4j:outputPanel. When the page is refreshed the data table will then have the
data that you desire.

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