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From "alvaro tovar" <>
Subject [trinidad]help with null pointer in HtmlCommandButtonRenderer 95
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 15:02:03 GMT
just if some one can give me a way


 RenderingContext arc = RenderingContext.getCurrentInstance();
    String script;
    // If it's an image, we can't really go through the full-page submit
    // code - we need to preserve the x/y coordinates.  However,
    // we do need the "source" parameter to be set
    if (isImage)
      script =  "this.form.source.value='" + id + "';";
      arc.getFormData().addNeededValue("source");// error here maybe is that
arc is null

hello, my error is not with  trinidad components, is with richfacse
components but i don't know why the error is here, i use tr:commandLink in
other places, the error is throw when i click in a commandButton of
richfaces that refresh a panelgroup throuhg ajaxpost, i am resolved my error
changed richfaces commandlink for tr:commandlink, but report this if is

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