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From michael freedman <>
Subject Re: [PORTAL] JSR301 portal bridge
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 16:34:15 GMT
Following up with a little more detail:
As Scott says JSR 301 is working on two specifications:
Portlet 1.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces
Portlet 2.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces

The Portlet 1.0 Bridge has just completed its Public Review and I am 
about to post the Proposed Final Draft.  The current alpha release of 
the RI in the MyFaces project is a little old.  It corresponds to Early 
Draft Review 3 posted in March.  The code that exists on the trunk 
( is 
stable and complete and corresponds to the Public Review Draft.  We 
should be posting an alpha3 release containing this software shortly.  
In early December the Proposed Final Draft will be posted on the JCP 
site.  There are only a few minor changes from the Public Review Draft.  
This should be followed shortly with a alpha4/beta1 release on MyFaces 
of the corresponding RI.  At this point I basically consider the RI done 
as my attention turns to doing the TCK and the Portlet 2.0 spec/impl.

The Portlet 2.0 Bridge is under development. Within the JSR EG I am 
circulating the first proposed Early Draft.  I am also actively working 
on updating the preliminary implementation I put out on Apache last 
I hope to post the Early Draft review 1 of this spec in mid/late 
December and have a corresponding alpha1 release on Apache in early 
January.  From there the process/schedule largely depends on EG and 
external feedback.  As Portlet 2.0 introduces new features that don't 
fit seemlessly with Faces we may have to let the spec/impl stew for a 
while to make sure we have things right.

FYI ... I would be interested in hearing your interest in Portlet 2.0 
Bridge, in particular the features of Portlet 2.0 you are hoping to 
leverage in your solution, your particular use cases, and your 
expectations for how they will work.

Scott O'Bryan wrote:
> To clairify (because it wasn't clear), JSR-301 has two specs.  The 
> Bridge spec for Portlet 1.0 is in final review.  The Bridge spec for 
> Portlet 2.0 should have its first public draft soon.
> Scott
> Scott O'Bryan wrote:
>> Saurabh,
>> There is a JSR286 branch.  Generally the project tries to have a 
>> release that corresponds to the most recent public draft.  Although I 
>> don't have a date, I suspect the first draft of the 286 spec to come 
>> out soon.  In either case, I'm slated to start working on some 
>> Trinidad integration with the 286 bridge starting in December which 
>> will require, obviously, the bridge to be in some form of stable 
>> state or another.  My gut tells me that we're probably looking at a 
>> release of the 286 bridge sometime in January, but again, it's 
>> dependent on the first draft of the JSR-301 spec for the Portlet 2.0.
>> Scott
>> Saurabh Agarwal wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Any idea about the status of JSR 301 bridge as to when would it be out
>>> for JSR286 support.
>>> Also, I couldn't find the download link for latest bridge.
>>> I would appreciate your thoughts around this.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Saurabh

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