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From Karel Zacek <>
Subject Suffix added to component id when including files and running on jetty server
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2008 23:15:06 GMT

Hi all

I have problem with generated ids of components included via <jsp:include>.
When I deploy my application on Jetty (6.1.12) server some included 
components get id with suffix "pcX" (X is number).
When I deploy the same application on Tomcat (6.0.16) all ids are 
generated without suffixes.

Structure of my jsf page is following:

<h:form id="searchForm" styleClass="ActiveForm">
    <t:saveState id="savedConversation" value="#{WebSearchConversation}"/>
    <t:panelTabbedPane serverSideTabSwitch="true" 
selectedIndex="#{WebSearchConversation.selectedIndex}" id="searchTabs" 
        <t:panelTab id="search" 
            <jsp:include page="user-settings-search-results.jsp"/>
  ... some other tabs included via <jsp:include>



Included jsps contains <t:dataTable id="data">. I reference selected row 
by id "searchForm:search:data" from my code. On Jetty table component 
has id "searchForm:search:datapc1" so my controler bean doesn't work.
There are <h:input> components with id with suffix "pc1" too, but it's 
not problem for me because they are mapped to beans ant it works.

I tried to digg into myfaces code and observed that from method 
UIComponentClassicTaBase.createUniqueId is called method createNextId() 
which decorate id with suffix "pc".
Method createNextId is called only when application is deployed on Jetty.

Any ideas where the problem can be?
Which behavior is correct Tomcat or Jetty?
Do I omit some configuration of jsp on jetty?
Do I use <jsp:include> incorrectly?
Is it related to bug MYFACES-1834?

Thanks for any response


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