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From GroovieMan <>
Subject [TOBAGO] Usging jstl tags inside a tobago sheet-tag
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 05:19:18 GMT


i need a conditional operation inside tobago's sheet-tag(table), 
allows me to enable a specific line layout, that in turn driven
by a bean attribute in a list.

It looks like this:

The data is read out of a List<showLineTO>, where showLineTO has
an atrrtibute, that will determine the layout of the shown line in the
table. The sheet value is feeded with the List<showLineTO>, that
works without any problem.

Ok here's the jsp-code:

<tc:sheet value="#{listviewer.showLines}" id="sheet"
    [... deleted...]                    
    selectable="single" >

    <c:when test="#{currentLine.booleanBeanAttrib1}">
      <tc:column label="#{overviewBundle.selsyslst_lst_nameId}"
        <tc:out value="#{currentLine.prName}" id="v_sysId"/>
    <c:when test="#{currentLine.booleanBeanAttrib2}">

... and so on.

The problem here is, that the jstl expression inside 

    <c:when test="#{currentLine.booleanBeanAttrib1}">

does not work. I also tried something with ${currentLine.booleanBeanAttrib1
but this failed too. I simply want to access the currentLine attribute, in
implement some variable table lookout.
Also, the 

  <c:out value="${viewerTo.currentLine.booleanBeanAttrib1}"/>

showd notging, regardless iff viewerTo has a request or a session scope.

Does somebody has an idea, what i did wrong ?
Thanks in advance, Groovy
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