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From "Sergio Calvo" <>
Subject [TRINIDAD] 1.0.4 Issue with Iterator and and convertDatetime pattern
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2008 18:13:54 GMT
I have an array of objects put in the FlowScope by a managed bean.
They belong to my class Question, among its properties there is a
String named mask. It provides the value for the pattern attribute of
the ConvertDateTime component. What I need to do is iterate the array
to display all the potential date options from my class.

I have the code below using an iterator but I am having an issue with
the setting of the pattern in the ConvertDateTime:

A wired value like this: pattern="#{pageFlowScope.questions[4].mask}"
works fine, but when I use the expected question.mask instead, the
value is never set properly in the ConvertDateTime. I am not sure if
this is related with the fact that var property on the iterator does
not support EL (according to documentation). I made a fresh install of
trinidad+examples but found nothing, the components seem to be well
used according to components demo.

I am 100% sure the bean and the flowscope have the right values on
them. I can't upgrade the version due to certain constraints.

Does anyone have a hint or work-around to put me in the right direction?

<tr:iterator id="question" var="question" varStatus="stat"
		<tr:inputDate id="answer"
			rendered="#{question.options == null and question.type == 'date'
and question.mask != 'short date' and question.mask != 'long date'}">
			<tr:convertDateTime pattern="#{pageFlowScope.questions[4].mask}"
				messageDetailConvertDate="#{messages.values.pageQAValidationInvalidDate}" />
		. . .
	<tr:spacer height="5" />

Thannks for your help!

Sergio Calvo Abarca.
Iota Chi Theta Upsilon Sigma

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