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From jhomuth <>
Subject Tree and TabbedPane Problem in Websphere 6.1
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2008 09:30:01 GMT
Hi List,

I've develop a lot of time with Myfaces 1.1.6 and tomahawk 1.6 on the 
glassfish application server. I did this because it was easy to setup in 
netbeans. Now I deployed this app on the websphere 6.1 application 
server (Fixpack 13, if nessesary) and it works nearly fine. The only 
thing whats not working is the tree and the paneltabbedpane components.
The panelTabbedpane is working but the tabs will not be rendered correctly.
The tree(1) component has no (+)button to expand something.

I setup my websphere (6.1) how it is described in this guide

Did anyone had the same problem and/or know how to fix that????

Thx for suggestions

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