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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [Orchestra] Problem using access scope with Trinidad Dialog Framework
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 07:31:42 GMT
Glauco P. Gomes schrieb:
> What's happening is that the conversation (from a bean in access 
> scope) is destroyed when I open a trinidad dialog, and when I return 
> form the dialog, the first bean has loosed his state.
> Is this the correct behavior?

Well, it's obviously not what a user of trinidad dialog would want, but 
it's not surprising.

Orchestra's access-scope assumes that a window is doing "normal" things. 
But starting a dialog means effectively "please pause the current state 
and do something else, then return to the current state". However 
nothing in Trinidad *tells* Orchestra that this is happening. So of 
course Orchestra goes ahead and discards access-scoped beans that the 
Trinidad dialog later wants to return to.

> How can I integrate the Trinidad Dialog Framework with Orchestra 
> access scope conversation?
I don't know.

Since Orchestra version 1.2, "child conversation contexts" can be 
created in Orchestra to handle this sort of situation (pause state and 
later resume). But there would need to be some way to trigger the 
creation of a child conversation context when a Trinidad dialog starts, 
and to remove it when the Trinidad dialog ends. I know almost nothing 
about Trinidad dialogs so unfortunately cannot help with that task. It 
would be nice to get this to work though, so if you (or someone in the 
Trinidad team) wants to work on the Trinidad side I'm happy to help out 
with the Orchestra side of this.

Just FYI, there is an orchestra subproject "Orchestra Flow" that is 
intended to provide the same sort of functionality as Trinidad Dialogs, 
but automatically integrated with Orchestra (and usable without 
Trinidad). However it is still in early phases of development and is not 
currently suitable for production.


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