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From Scott O'Bryan <>
Subject Re: Myfaces portlet bridge
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:55:09 GMT
Sure, you can.  But I don't think that spec is compatible with  
JSR-301.  The alpha status of the myfaces portlet bridge is due to 2  

1. The TCK for JSR-301 is not written yet, so functionality of the  
bridge may need to change to be compliant with the TCK.  The automated  
unit tests have also not been written and are awaiting the TCK so we  
can closely match the official tests.

2. The JSR-301 spec is not yet finalized either, so the API and  
functionality may have to change for that.

I will say that alpha-3, once I get the vote out later today, most  
closely matches the JSR-301public draft and the Potlet bridge project  
at Apache is going to be the R.I.

The bridge is a pre-301 bridge.  This bridge does not have  
the extended request scope that you saw with ICE-Faces (like 301 does)  
and a number of other features of 301.

The disadvantage of 301 is that it is a new spec and, right now,  
renderkit support might be a bit spotty.  But this is the standard and  
will be the most compatible bridge going forward.

If you do choose a pre-301 bridge, you'll want to use the bridge that  
is recomended by your renderkit.  Tobago and tomahawk I think both  
recomend the bridge built into MyFaces 1.1and 1.2 alhought for 1.2 and  
onward, the official bridge is the portlet bridge project.  Aphce  
bridges has a bridge project and I think it supports a number of 1.1  

As for the stuff at, your looking at the sun renderkits and  
this is most compatible with Sun's portal.  Before 301, there were too  
many unanswered questions as to the JSF/portal contract, so all  
bridges did thing a little differently.

Hope that helps.


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On Oct 27, 2008, at 6:02 AM, Bobby Quinne <>  

> Hi there,
> I have been building an internal application with  
> ICEfaces(1.7.1/1.7.2),
> Liferay(5.1.0), however I have a experienced odd problem with ICEfaces
> multiple renderings being the biggest. I am looking to give my faces  
> a try,
> only concern I have is the portlet-bridge being in alpha state. Is it
> possible to use the in  
> conjunction
> with myfaces?
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