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From Arvid Hülsebus <>
Subject RE: [TOBAGO] How to change the layout in the following dialouge
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 08:54:12 GMT

(1) Layouting the height of rows

You can assign values for the height of each row -- for example as relative sizes: rows="1*;5*"

See for more information.

(2) How to position a popup

The popup has respective positioning attributes: width, height, left, top

(3) Styling controls

Normally Tobago doesn't allow to influence style directly. Styling is a task of the theme.
But you can define markup with logical meaning and define simple styling for this without
writing your own theme.

The address book demo contains a small example for styling a progress control: 
  <tc:progress value="#{admin.memory}" markup="#{admin.state}" />

I will try to update the Tobago Guide tomorrow with more information on markup, but currently
I have not much time because I will be on vacation for one and a half week from Wednesday

Bes regards

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From: Groovie [] 
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 5:51 AM
Subject: [TOBAGO] How to change the layout in the following dialouge


i have a question that is related to the GridLayoutmanager,
that is actually ignoring my layout directive. Maybe you can

Simple take a look at the beautiful demo app @atanion, and 
select the table submenu under overview. You will see
box containing a commentpart and the table. 

(1) The question is, how can i change/influence  the arrangement 
between comment(upper) and table(lower part), 

I would like to see a small comment part here.

(2) Another question is, how to position the pop-up (push the #)

(3) The very last question is about individual colouration of
a Tobages widgets (like a row or a cell). In order to emphasis
some values, i would like to change the cell's background-color.
How can i do this ?

Thanks for you help!

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