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From Justin <>
Subject IE bug with trinidad?
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 18:03:35 GMT
Our testing department found an interesting issue with IE.  I am not sure if
anyone has seen this.  I created a simple snippet below that captures the
problem.  Basically, you have two subforms.  One for a main object one for a
related object.  So basically to create the issue don't enter any
information and press the add address button.  The related object will
complain that you must enter that address.  Click anywhere on the page
besides the text field.  The browser locks up and mouse pointer turns into
an hourglass.  Click outside of the browser pane and hourglass goes away.
So we have verified this behavior in IE6 and IE7 in both XP and Vista.  Any

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?>

<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="" version="2.0"
            <tr:subform id="mainObj" default="true">
                <tr:inputText label="Name" required="true"></tr:inputText>
            <tr:subform id="childObj">
                <tr:commandButton text="Add Address"
                <tr:inputText label="Address" required="true"/>

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