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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: SaveState Session or Not ?
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 11:26:21 GMT
The wiki page does look useful, but could be written more clearly. I'll 
try to find time to update it.

The tomahawk saveState tag saves data in the *jsf view*. Therefore, that 
data lasts as long as the user is on the same view, and is then 
discarded. However when a JSF postback navigates to another page, the 
new page can itself use a saveState tag to "grab" the data from the 
previous view into itself, so data can be kept alive across multiple pages.

This is quite different from either "request" or "session" scope, and is 
quite useful.

If you are using client-side-state-saving for the jsf view then of 
course anything saved into the view using <saveState> is sent across the 
network to the browser, like the rest of the view. So don't add anything 
too big.

If you are using server-side-state-saving, then the object is serialized 
and saved into a special http-session attribute along with the rest of 
the view. But it will be discarded automatically along with the rest of 
the view data when the user navigates to a different page.

Simon schrieb:
> There's some info in the wiki page 
> I think generally though you would use the saveState instead of the
> session. You can put a managed bean in a saveState tag and it will be
> saved in the page, probably in the viewState... I used it a while ago on
> a request bean but eventually we switched that to a session bean for
> other reasons and no longer needed the saveState tags.
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> From: jhomuth [] 
> Sent: mercredi 17 septembre 2008 12:05
> To:;
> Subject: SaveState Session or Not ?
> Hello List,
> I've a small question. We need to save some Data over more than one site
> but not for the whole session. That's why we wanna use the <x:saveState>
> Tag.  But we can't find any documentation about the concept of saveState
> the tag. What we need to know is will the data be saved in the session 
> until we discard it or will it passed again at any request. And are 
> there any design traps we could fall in?.
> Thx for suggestions

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