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From Shane Petroff <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] CoreShowDetail
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 21:36:03 GMT

Back to this issue after a small hiatus. Can someone give me an idea of 
what is supposed to happen? I tried registering a disclosure listener on 
the CoreShowDetail instance, but the event is never raised, suggesting 
that things are dieing earlier. I've stepped through a bunch of 
javascript, but nothing looks obviously wrong.


Shane Petroff wrote:
> Frank Nimphius wrote:
>> not sure what the panel is doing, but I suggest to add a component 
>> that can take a focus (e.g. a text field) for a test
> OK, one of the panels didn't have any focusable components in it, so 
> I've stuck in an HtmlTextField at the top of each panel which is a 
> child of a CoreShowDetail (because there are conditions in which 
> everything will be disabled), but it has had no effect. I presume that 
> you are referring to the call to _setRequestedFocusNode, which does 
> get called and seems to set appropriate values: a3 is set to the 
> window;  a3._TrFocusRequestDoc points to the document instance 
> a3._TrFocusRequestID is set to the correct id, and 
> a3._TrFocusRequestNext is set to false because a2=false. Stepping 
> through submitPartialChange doesn't reveal anything odd either, ex.) 
> addFormParameter => event=hide source=the_id_of_the_enclosing_span 
> partial=true. _pprStartBlocking didn't mean much to me. submitForm 
> returns true. To the uninitiated, everything seems fine, but nothing 
> ever gets refreshed. Do I need to add something as a partial target?
> --
> Shane
>> Frank
>> Shane Petroff wrote:
>>> I can't seem to get a CoreShowDetail instance to work. I have an 
>>> existing/functional page, which is build primarily in Java code, and 
>>> I wanted to add hide/show to a particular panel. It appears as 
>>> though the CoreShowDetail class is easily used
>>>        CoreShowDetail detail = (CoreShowDetail) createComponent( 
>>> CoreShowDetail.COMPONENT_TYPE );
>>>        detail.setDisclosed( true );
>>>        detail.getChildren().add(panel);
>>> yet the results don't work. The Component is rendered, but doesn't 
>>> function. No errors (either client or server), just a dead link. It 
>>> appears to be trying to do some ppr work: _submitHideShow and 
>>> eventually TrPage.prototype.sendPartialFormPost are called. Any 
>>> ideas on how I can tell what is going wrong? (trinidad 1.0.7)
>> -- 
>> Oracle <>
>> Frank Nimphius | Principal Product Manager
>> Oracle Application Development Tools
>> Green Oracle <> 	Oracle is committed 
>> to developing practices and products that help protect the environment
> -- 
> Shane


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