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From "Simon Lessard" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Switching from Trinidad 1.0.x/MyFaces 1.1.x to Trinidad 1.2.x/MyFaces 1.2.x
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 17:41:02 GMT
Hi Richard,

You're actually asking two different questions:
1. How to migrate to Facelets
2. How to migrate to JSF 1.2

For Facelets, you pretty much have it already.

For JSF 1.2, it's more complicated, first you have to run inside a JEE 5
container as JSP 2.1 is required. Therefore, simply dropping the MyFaces and
Trinidad 1.2.x jars won't do the trick most of the times. Also, if you have
home made component, it would be very wise to convert their tags to JSP 2.1
synthax in the TLD (using <deferred-value/>).

You can the two parts in any order, but I would suggest doing Facelets in
JSF 1.1 environment first.


~ Simon

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 1:33 PM, Richard Yee <> wrote:

> All,
> Can any of you share any tips on migrating from Trinidad 1.0.5 and
> MyFaces 1.1.5 to Trinidad 1.2.x, MyFaces 1.2.x, and Facelets? Aside
> from the switch from .jsp to .xhtml files and the facelets
> configuration, are there any code changes that are necessary? I ran
> into a problem with the Trinidad XML Menus and Facelets yesterday
> (Jira issue: TRINIDAD-1215) and want to know if there are any other
> side effects that I might run into.
> Thanks,
> Richard

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