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From "Leonardo Uribe" <>
Subject Re: MyFaces Core 1.1.6-rc1 release candidate available for testing
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 22:39:34 GMT
On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 1:24 AM, simon <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> A release candidate for MyFaces Core 1.1.6 (with version number
> "1.1.6-rc1-SNAPSHOT") has been made available for testing. The 1.1.x
> line of releases implements the (old) JSF1.1 specification. The
> artifacts can be found here:
> The last release of Myfaces Core for JSF1.1 (version 1.1.5) was in Feb
> 2007. Since then a lot of changes have been made. Therefore for the
> upcoming 1.1.6 release we have decided to build a "release candidate"
> with version number 1.1.6-rc1 for wider testing.
> We would very much appreciate people testing this *release candidate*
> and reporting any *regressions* since the 1.1.5 release. Please do NOT
> point out any bugs that also exist in the 1.1.5 release; it has been far
> too long since the last release of Core 1.1.x and we need to get things
> "rolling" again, so only regressions will be dealt with at this time.
> Regressions should be discussed on the dev or user list, so they get
> immediate attention. Please put the text "[core 1.1.6]" at the start of
> the subject line of the email.
> If you are using myfaces 1.1.x in production, then you really should
> test this new artifact. Those who report problems *after* the release is
> out may not get a lot of sympathy!
> As the rc1 artifacts are in the standard apache snapshot repository,
> maven users can test them by defining the apache snapshot repo
> ("") in an active
> profile in their settings.xml file then just referencing the artifact
> from the pom.xml of their projects. For non-maven users, the jars can be
> downloaded manually from the above locations.
> If there are no significant regressions reported in the next couple of
> weeks against 1.1.6-rc1-SNAPSHOT, then the final artifacts for a 1.1.6
> release will be built and a release vote called (on the dev list). You
> can "vote" on this thread if you like, but these "-rc1" artifacts are
> not intended for release; the "real" vote will be later.
> Regards,
> Simon
> (on behalf of Lenardo Uribe)

Since no problems were reported, I'll start the release procedure right now.


Leonardo Uribe

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